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A villa whose origins dates back to the 16th century. It is surrounded by cypresses and olive groves and it is located in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, in that very peculiar part of Tuscany internationally known as Chianti shire.

It is a building of great historical and artistic value, protected by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities - Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of the Region of Tuscany.

The central body of the house dates back to the Renaissance period and it is completed by one of the rare, well-preserved examples of  hanging gardens coming from the same period.

Historical information about the Villa tells us that in 1511 the villa "Pratello" (historical name of the House) passed from the heirs Del Benino to Sir Migiotto di Bernardo de' Bardi, whose family took possession of the property until 1639.

The last owner, Mrs Lucia de Vigilis Mattei, widow Sbisà, decided to donate part of the property to Pax Christi in 1983 in order to give to the Association, only an informal movement at that time, a place where to carry out initiatives and activities proper to its statutory action: peace and nonviolence education courses, integral disarmament campaigns, actions for the preservation of the Creation as well as hospitality for those who wish to spend part of their free time in a quiet, cosy and restoring spot.

Archbishop Luigi Bettazzi, who was president of Pax Christi in 1983, was the first to accept the donation followed by Archbishop Tonino Bello who dreamt a place where "to repair their own tents" for all peace constructors.

Since then, hospitality and activity of our house has grown thanks to those who have been giving a helping hand from the beginning to our days.

Passing travelers who, conquered by its beauty, have left a gift; all the volunteers who have taken care of it and still do, sympathizers who have remembered Casa per la Pace in their legacies and those who love it and who often visit it, enjoying its hospitality.

Casa per la Pace is the seat of the National Secretariat of Pax Christi Italia - International Catholic Movement for Peace.


Pax Christi and Casa

Casa per la Pace is a space of hospitality and dialogue in which the members of Pax Christi, as well as people coming from other groups, can meet together to live moments of spirituality and prayer or experiences on peace and nonviolence. A place where is possible to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and the beauty of the landscape. The house also welcomes those who need a place to stay for a short stop or to visit the area around (the town of Florence is very closed).

Among other things, Pax Christi organizes workshops on nonviolence education, on nonviolent resolution of conflicts, economy, justice, and environmental protection.

Casa per la Pace wants to be a project that "tries to give substance to an ancient dream of Pax Christi, a concrete place to repair or build our own tents; an ideal meeting spot whose features will help us to make world peace a stable inhabitant of the earth" (Don Tonino Bello).  

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Let's talk together

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Casa welcomes you!

The property extends over a covered area of about 600 square meters. The interiors have interesting large and bright halls enriched with notable fireplaces, rooms with coffered, ceilings, vaults and cross vaults.

Four halls and a large library room can easily host seminars, conferences, workshops, concerts, but also anniversaries and family events.

Guests are welcomed in a warm and familiar ambience. They can stay in different kind of rooms: single, double and triple rooms with internal services; quadruple rooms and large dormitories with shared facilities.

The building is completed by a double room  (also available for single use) for disabled people with bathroom inside (according to the law). A typical Tuscan-style apartment, equipped with every comfort and with a beautiful view of the interior garden, allow families who desire absolute tranquillity to enjoy a cosy reserved space.

Those who wish to have moments of reflection and prayer during their stay can gather in peace in our chapel inside the House.

Attached to the House there is a vast Italian hanging garden (3.000 square meters) and a ground (5.700 square meters) partly planted with olive groves and orchard and partly as lawn. 

A large private indoor car park offers guest the chance of reaching the property by their own means of transport.

All contributions from visitors and guests are intended to support the initiatives promoted by Pax Christi.

Casa for you

  • stay overnight, with or without breakfast;
  • enjoy lunch and dinner prepared with local ingredients and according to the typical recipes of Tuscan cuisine (menu details can be decided together and it is not a problem to take care of all intolerances, allergies or specific food needs);
  • participate and / or organize cultural, professional and family events also with refreshment service;
  • attend / organize summer camps and educational itineraries;
  • attend / organize interreligious experiences;
  • walk the "path of peace" inside the garden of the house, or several paths that starting from the house can rich the town of Impruneta or the hills around;
  • Florence and the surrounding villages ( use a guide or a specific guided tour).

The Team of the house is available to provide suggestions and details to help to organize an event or a pleasant stay.

Giuliana, Barbara and Suzana take care of the house in all its aspects. They also manage the welcome and the permanence of the guests, presenting the House for Peace, the Pax Christi Movement ant its initiatives.

Casa for Creation

The word peace is among the most used in everyday language to highlight an absence of negative conditions, conflicts or the acceptance of situations that require calm and patience. Yet when it comes to the topic of Peace, it seems the most abstract, the most difficult to deal with completely.

Peace, the lack of any kind of conflict, is a necessary condition for human beings to be able to "think well" and to think themselves inside the World and it is precisely in this that the House offers an ideal refuge. It "puts peace" in hearts at first sight and it has a place in Creation without almost changing it.

Casa goes unnoticed, with its discreet beauty, on the slopes of the Florentine countryside. It offers its guests food prepared with local products. Whenever possible, it offers the fruits of its own plots cultivated according to tradition.

In order to have hot water, the house uses solar panels and together with professionals in the sector, tries to improve in the field clean energy. In its management, the staff pay attention to the recycling of waste, the containment of water use, the reduction of waste in space heating, to the use of not aggressive effective and products in cleaning.

The house promotes socialization. In these days, of course, we preserve the necessary "personal distancing" that protects everyone from any infections, as asked by current health requirements. Despite this, we generally believe that our world is already affected by too much social distancing and that it is precisely in society, in a good and peaceful relationship between people that the numerous problems of the world find solutions. From this conviction our motto comes: human closeness completes itself in the conviviality of differences.

This is what we think being a part of the Creation means: to offer a tent, a recognizable but discreet shelter for those who want to find some peace. 

Casa is

Casa per la Pace is in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in a landscape characterized by the presence of fields of olive trees and ancient cypresses.

For geographical precision, it is located on the border between the Municipalities of Florence and Impruneta, near Baruffi, a small fraction of just over three hundred inhabitants that stands on a hill at about 200 meters above the sea level, just over a kilometer away from the village of Tavernuzze and about three and half kilometers from the Florence.

How to get

Reaching Casa per la Pase is easy!

By car: Via Quintole per le Rose that climbs the Baruffi hill originates on the Cassia state road just a short distance from the Impruneta exit of the A1 motorway (the Autostrada del Sole).

Once you leave the highway, you must proceed in the direction of Florence (third exit of the roundabout) taking Via Cassia for a few dozen meters and then turning right on Via di Quintole. Always keeping to the right, after about a kilometer, you find yourself in front of the entrance gate of the Casa per la Pace. The car can be parked inside the property in a comfortable and safe parking.

By public transport: from Florence Airport you can take the tramway, line T2 Vespucci, to the S. Maria Novella railway station in the centre of Florence, and then take line 37 of the ATAF buses (going up to the terminus of the station Orti Oricellari - Trattoria dell'Oste). The ticket required for the ride costs € 1.50 cents and can be purchased in tobacconists or authorized dealers (many newsstands for example). It can also be purchased on board, asking the driver for € 2.50.

It is also possible to purchase the ticket via SMS - with the text "ATAF" - at number 4880105, waiting for the confirmation message before boarding. The digital ticket costs € 1.80.

The journey by bus from Florence to Casa per la Pace takes about half an hour, the stop is "Le Rose".

A short but uphill walk of about a kilometer can allow you to reach the House, through a fascinating path, for some meters the same of the ancient Via Romea, surrounded by nature and history (on the road it is possible admire the small Church of San Lorenzo alle Rose which houses an altar table by the Giotto master Taddeo Gaddi)


Casa per la Pace
via Quintole per le Rose 131 
Impruneta (Firenze) Cap 50023

Tel: 055-2020375





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